SiJu is formed from the initials of the two glass artists Silvana and Judy. They met over 15 years ago and have been friends and colleagues since. In 2009 they attended a course together in glass fusion in Perth and were inspired by the beauty of the glass pieces. Eventually buying their own kiln, they have been exploring the endless possibilities of fusing glass and experimenting with some interesting results. They enjoy working together, encouraging creativity and fun.

Silvana is an award-winning glass artist.  She started working in fused glass in 2009 and has attended numerous courses with renowned glass artists.  She has exhibited in art shows all around Australia and won several awards: Emerging Artist Award at MAGE 2014, Mansfield, Victoria; finalist at Tom Malone 2017, AGWA, Perth; and winner of the Gordon Award at Glass+, Kalamunda, 2017.   

Her inspiration comes from her experiences, memories and surroundings.  Her experience as a subsea engineer and scuba diver speaks to much of her work, but since working from her glass studio in the hills, the rural surroundings also inform her work.  As a past student of mathematics, she is also intrigued by the geometry present in both manmade and naturally occurring structures, and its opposition to the fluidity of the natural elements.  Her work makes use of the movement arising from the fluidity of the glass when it is hot.

She is a member of Ausglass ( ).


Judy also has developed a passion for fused glass. She has attended several courses, including Lead Lighting, Jewellery Making and Pate de Verre.

Silvana and Judy have developed their own techniques and, through fusing, casting and slumping processes, create sculptures, decorative panels, platters, bowls and wall plaques.