SiJu Glass

We, at SiJu Glass, have been inspired by glass and the way it transmits light through its glorious colours.

By fusing and slumping the glass, a multitude of different forms can be produced. The glass is cut to shape, assembled in layers and fired in a kiln at around 800oC which fuses all the glass pieces together. Slumping of the glass over a mould is then performed, again in the kiln, to produce these beautiful objects. The transformation of the glass in the kiln from solid to liquid and then solid again gives a unique freedom of form.

We can create glass objects to your desire. We can work with you to create useful objects such as platters, dishes, light shades, water fountains. Alternatively we can make wall pieces, plaques, corporate gifts.  Or acquire one of the many objects and art pieces we have already made.

You will be inspired by their beauty.


Imagination is the only limit

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